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Welcome to the new era of the Experience Economy


The mission of Experiential Yachting is to make the use of a yacht an invaluable asset for our society and help individuals as well as successful business and governmental entities to expand their visions and operations from land to sea.


Drawing on extensive background in retail yacht charters and consulting, in collaboration with experts in longevity and holistic preventive healthcare, Experiential Yachting offers concrete solutions to transform or enhance yachts with integrated equipment, protocols, and experiences that foster a more meaningful and healthier lifestyle on board. 

Grow and extend your business through yachting. We offer innovative strategic solutions for luxury hotel chains, holistic resorts, fashion brands, educational institutions, financial institutions, government agencies, cities, destinations or even countries. 

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An international annual forum dedicated to the experiential aspects of yachting, with the goal of elevating human potential through the purposeful use of Superyachts. Yachting is much more than just a yacht.  

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